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Try The PDU Podcast for Free on Your Player

A number of sample Webinars from The PDU Podcast™ are available for free. Grab the RSS feed below, add it to your iTunes (or other software) and then play the samples on your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Zune or other portable media player.

In the iTunes Store

The PDU Podcast™ is available through the iTunes store. You must have iTunes installed for this to work:

  • Click on the icon below.
  • iTunes starts and you'll see The PDU Podcast™ in the iTunes store
  • Click the Subscribe Free button to download the first webinar
  • Click "Get All" to download all

The PDU Podcast in iTunes


Drag & Drop

Instead of stopping by at the iTunes store you can simply drag & drop the icon below into your software:

  • Open iTunes (or any other podcatcher software that you use)
  • Drag & Drop the orange icon from this page into your software
  • The first webinar should start downloading automatically
  • Click "Get All" to download all

The PDU Podcast RSS